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Monday, 21 March 2016 00:00

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Interview with Alex Montez from and we asked about tips on how to get the casting process right.

You can be part of the lights, cameras and action as an extra in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Interested folks need to submit two recent photos -- one close up and one full body-- to: booking (@)
Also include your name, age, phone number, height and weight or register on EMODELS website 

To give prospective extras some tips on submission do's and don'ts and extra duties, we talked to Alex Montez, head of local casting agency ECASTING

Alex Montez is currently handling extras casting for several movies and all the casting for the local production.

Q: How did you get into the casting biz?

A: It started ECASTING to change the way casting process operates in Middle East. In my opinion, casting is the slowest part of the production. I have seen last minute change in cast by the client. I decided to create ECASTING which is today the largest repository of casting videos in UAE. More than 3000 videos are available online instantly to my customers, mostly production agencies.

Q: Roughly how many people apply to be extras?

A: We might get two or three thousand emails for each movie and I sit down and go through them and clear out people and go from there.

Q: What are the major don'ts of picture submissions?

A: Don't wear sunglasses or hats in your pictures. And my biggest pet peeve is people sending in pictures with duck face. I do not want to see your duck face. And I do not like bathroom selfies. To me, if you're sending me that stuff, I don't feel like you're serious about it.

Q: What do you want?

A: I want a clear head shot and a full body shot. They don't have to be professionally done.

Q: What are some of the weirdest submission pictures you've received?

A: I have gotten some crazy ones. I got one of a guy posing on an tank, I've gotten one of a guy lying on a mattress with a feline. It was one of those that when I opened it I said "you've got to be kidding me." I've also gotten pictures of the back of peoples' heads so you can't even see their faces. 

Q: What should extras know before they commit to a job?

A: When you submit to do this, you're needed for all day and sometimes that can be ten to twelve hours. And a lot of people think that they can just come in for a few hours and then leave, or they think, oh well, you start filming at 8, but I can be there at 10. No I need you there at eight o' clock.

Q: What are other mistakes people make in their submissions?  

A: A lot of people don't put their names or their phone numbers in their emails. If I don't have a phone number I can't contact you for a part. A lot of times if I have a rush call an email is not going to get to you as quick as I can pick up that phone and call you. So having your phone number in that submission is a big thing.

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