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Tuesday, 24 February 2015 00:00

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We ran a survey asking all the models about modelling portfolio and how important it is for them to have one
More than 4500 Dubai Models have received the below survey and more than 600 people have responded. 
Here is the result.

Q1. One out of 2 models have no portfolio !!
Q2. Most of the models are interested by fashion photoshoot. 
Q3. Most models have very old portfolio or don't have at all.
Q4. Most models prefer photoshoot in a clean, light setting, elegant and formal.
Q5. Models like the photos to be slightly photo retouched
Q6. European style images are the focus. We proposed arabic or asian style, but people insiste in european style
Q7. The preferred modelling agency in Dubai is obviously EMODELS Model Management. They have consistently managed to rank the best modelling agency in our survey since 2012.
Q8. models make their portfolio because it makes a good impression on the client.

Survey Statistics
4500 valid emails contacted
580 total respondents
Survey date 21st of February 2015

You can download the original compiled results in the PDF file of this article.


Fashion Model

Photo Portfolio in UAE


Q1: Do you have a Modelling Photo Portfolio?


Q2: In what field are you interested?


Q3: When was the last time you did a Modelling Portfolio (set-card)?

Q4: What kind of photography mood would you like to have in

your portfolio?



Q5: Do you like your photo to be photoshopped?


Q6: What kind of style would you like to

have in your Modelling Portfolio?


Q7: What kind of make up do you like in your photo shoot?


Q8: To which Model agency would you like us

to send your new portfolio?



Q9: Why do you think a professional portfolio is important?



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